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[BKARTS] The Dragon does Hawaii

Paul Werner will be teaching two Workshops in Hawaii, January 2 
through 15, each preceded by a free lecture. Both programs are devoted 
to the Dragonsblood and Ashes Project, an ongoing experiment in using 
and understanding the materials and techniques of the medieval scribe, 
illuminator and painter. 

- Oahu, January 2 through 7 at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, free 
lecture followed by a five-day workshop: 
Day One: Preparation of quills, pigments, dyes and binders. 
Day Two: Quill cutting and manufacture of dyes 
Day Three: Grounds (vellum, tinted paper, panels) 
Day Four: Ink-making and tempers 
Day Five: Gilding 
For Information, contact: ckhewhok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

- Maui, January 12 through 15 Hui No'eau (Makawao), free lecture 
followed by six half-day workshops: 
Medieval book design 
Medieval design techniques 
Inks and Dyes of the Middle Ages 
Binders and Tempers of the Middle Ages 
Grounds for Painting 
Medieval Gilding: Answers and Questions 
- For Information, contact: ingert@xxxxxxxxxxxx 

To contact the instructor: 

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