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Re: [BKARTS] hotbed skins

Well i hope this thread about the skins is not going
to turn into another "hotbed" of people arguing about
right and wrong on the topic of animal skins.

It is interesting to consider that Native Americans
used animals hides and skins and bones, for clothing,
shelter, tools, food, and so forth. The difference
was, they killed the animals with a degree of
"respect" (for lack of a better word), AND, they also
used every inch of the animal's parts, and were not
wasteful. Therein, I think lies the difference between
how our culture treats animals, and how native peoples
used to do it. (and perhaps still do in remote parts
of the world).

I am not a "master" bookbinder, but I can't imagine
any synthetic material having the aesthetic quality or
the "endurance" that leather/animal skins do.


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