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[BKARTS] hotbed skins

Actually kattalina I believe that paper can be at least as "durable" a material as tanned or tawed leather.
And are our aesthetic responses to leather inborn or learned? Note our cultural shifts away from fur caused largely by all those pics of baby harp seals getting their skulls smashed.
By the way, I did not mean to suggest that people shouldn't use leather. I love leather, have a life full of it, can't get enough of the good stuff.
As someone who has raised and hunted animals, slaughtered and dressed them, filled my family and freezer with their flesh, I do have trouble with the cant which allows us to believe in "humane" murder, to disconnect the end products from the reality of process.
What I really want is some human leather to bind with. Perhaps something akin to fetal vellum. Best, James

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