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[BKARTS] Religatum de Pelle Humana

The most complete text I'm familiar with, in this context, is
Lawrence S. Thompson's (no relation) book: _Bibliologia Comica:
or Humorous Aspects of the Caparisoning and Conservation of Books_
Archon Books, 1968.  See esp. pp. 119-160.

An earlier chapter, "Bibliopegia Fantastica" pp. 15-40, discusses
the wide variety of skins which have been used to cover books.

And contrary to what someone said in this regard, follicle patterns
are unique.  Human skin does not look like any other skin, nor does
any other skin look like human skin, or any other skin but what it is.

If you are told that the book/skin in front of you is human skin,
take a magnifying glass and look at your skin and then look at the
skin in question.



>There are actually a number of books bound in human skin out there (I have
>also heard of lampshades...).  It was a strange fetish for awhile, all the
>books I've heard of were from the Victorian period, though there may be
>more as I've not attempted any exhaustive search on the matter.
>Having gotten to handle two of them (one at a medical library, one in a
>special collecitons library) they honestly looked like vellum, right down
>to the hair pattern. The one I saw in a medical library was bound around a
>discussion of the brain formation of the skin's 'owner' who had been a
>lifetime criminal and murderer who was disected after execution.
>...all the things you never wanted to know!!!

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