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[BKARTS] Exhibit at Mattress Factory

Four new titles have been published for an installation at the Mattress
Factory Museum in Pittsburgh.  For the exhibit, Messages and Communications
(October 2, 2005-April 3, 2006), I constructed a cylindrical "Rare Book
Room" with an adjacent "Entrance Hall".
The Entrance Hall houses a series of illuminated broadsides that hold clues
to what the viewers will find in the Rare Book Room.  The broadsides are
inkjet printed and letterpress printed with the hidden message inked, using
invisible ultraviolet ink that can only be read in the Rare Book Room.
The Rare Book Room is divided into left and right perimeters.  For the
left-perimeter three poets were asked to address the topic Passion or
Politics from which three handmade books (Flinch, Blues not Blues and Blind
Desire) were created.
In Flinch Jim Daniels meanders through his daily routine, which includes
constant reminders of an ongoing war.  The photographs of Marsico also
zigzag through his daily observations.
The poems of Terrance Hayes, Blues Not Blues, oscillate between personal
passions and social observations.
Jeff Thomson's, Blind Desire, sidetracks the politics completely and makes a
direct path to the sensuous. Because touch is so much a part of most
personal passions, Blind Desire is bilingually printed in English and
For the right-perimeter of the Rare Book Room Marsico asked his son, a
recent religious studies graduate, to address the political misuse of
religion.  The Infinite and Absolute Bible functions as a guidebook to
common misinterpreted biblical readings.
A tour of the exhibit and details of the books can be found on my website
PS: Special $50 discount on all Karl Rove prints

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