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[BKARTS] Alan's bookbinding question

Hello Alan... the advice to accept the books as they are really is the best. Having said that your problem does arise often in cases of "married" sets of books where different volumes were bound by different binders or one or more volumes were later rebound. This often is seen with say 18th century sets which are much more valuable when complete and "matching" than not. Most binders who work for the trade have no doubt encountered this situation often. Mismatched COOK'S VOYAGES come through my doors surprisingly often.
Are your books newish? Are the margins on the wider volume sufficient to allow a bit of a trim on the foredge?
You might do best by 1)trimming a tad off the foredge of the wider volume and then 2) making those foredge board squares a tad smaller than usual while 3) making the foredge board squares of the narrower volume a bit larger. A bit under 3/32 inch in each case will make up your 1/4 inch overall difference.
In cases where the book cannot be trimmed then you simply have to make the squares larger and smaller as needed, adjusting them to find the least displeasing proportions. What usually works best in this case is to make all the squares a bit larger than usual excepting the foredge square of the widest volume which is made smaller. These discrepancies can be somewhat camouflaged by either tooling the turnins with a wide loose pattern or by using a large loose patterned cover material. Small tight patterns will often accentuate the differences in square sizes. By the same token lighter materials will generally disguise better than dark.
Best to you and your project, hope this helps somewhat. James

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