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We also had a major mold problem with our Jade 403 this summer and we have 
not had a problem in the past 13 years.  Although we did scrape it out of our 
Swiss Glue Pots and kept them in the refrigerator when not in use we still had a 
problem with both pots.  We ended up throwing brushes out and using small 
butter containers instead.  We also threw out 1/2 gal. in Aug. which had a very 
obvious layer of blue mold.  Our supplier told me that PVA has a shelf life and 
is best stored in a refrigerator, it had been purchased in July 2004. We are 
now using Jade 411.

I was pleased to see this question addressed and am wondering if anyone else 
has had a problem.  Our Michigan summer was very hot and humid but the bindery 
is air conditioned and we are conscious of methods to prevent cross 
contamination.  It's very frustrating coming from a nursing back ground and still have 
blue growth.

Your Binding Friend,
Sue Toth

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