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As a fairly large purchaser / distributor of PVA, specifically our Jade 403, I think I may be able to shed some light on this situation.

About four or five years ago manufacturers of these adhesives which are used commonly in the food packaging industry, were forced to remove trace amounts of formaldehyde that they were adding to adhesives to prevent the growth of mold. This is a good thing as far as health goes, but it doesn't mean that a bottle can sit on the shelf for two years and be usable after such a period of time (though it is possible.) It also means that any sort of contamination, either from putting brushes, fingers, etc into a master container, or even airborne spores that enter the container while open can cause mold growth. To the person who changed brands of adhesive, I am also sorry to say that I do not believe this will alleviate the problem. Mold growth can happen even with the best of practices in place, and simply purchasing from a vendor who knows to rotate stock and has a quick turnover is the best possible solution, as all PVA can have this problem.

One suggestion that I have come across is the addition of a fungicide to prevent this mold prone environment from taking shape, similar to the way the product was made years back. A simple addition of Thymol (an anti fungicide we sell) which can be dissolved in a small amount of alcohol from the drug store would prevent all but the most extreme cases. Only very small amounts are necessary, and is a nice insurance policy if purchasing in large amounts to save money.

We have been told by the manufacturer that this product has a typical shelf life of six months, and should only be ordered in quantities that can be used within this period of time. I will be happy to answer any other questions that people may have regarding the use, storage, and handling of this product.

Aaron Salik

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