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Thanks for the suggestion. It never occurred to me to do something this simple, yet it would make all my bookshelves appear much more cleaner and tidy. I going to reset my books tonight!


On Oct 24, 2005, at 9:41 AM, Lightner, Karen wrote:


Ever notice in libraries, how all the books (mostly anyway) are shelved
just an inch or less from the front edge of the shelf? That's because
instead of having the books pushed back so their foredge is at the back
of the shelf, all the books are pulled to the front so the spines are
all equidistant from the front of the shelf. It looks nice and makes it
easier to read the spines. And seems like a much simpler way of dealing
with your problem.

Best wishes,

Karen Lightner
Curator, Print and Picture Collection
Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
215-686-5405 (voice), 215-563-3628 (fax)

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