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Re: [BKARTS] Deacidification Solution

Hi Aaron,

I have an album of photographs that I bought at auction several years
ago. The photos seem to have been taken just after World War I, and
include many from someone's Grand Tour. The photos weren't in great
shape when I acquired the album, but I was shocked to see how much they
had deteriorated, despite having been kept from light. Obviously the
paper they are mounted on is not archival-- many have gotten very brown.

Are these formulations something that would help keep the album from
deteriorating so quickly? I can't quite tell from your site if they are
useful after-the-fact, as it were, or if they need to be applied BEFORE
mounting the photos.

Linda S.

> Subject: Deacidification Solution

> The new formulations #111 Aerosol, and the #115 Brushing 
> solutions have been virtually complaint free.  The aerosol cans no
> clog, and are just as effective as the previous formulations.
> Regards,
> Aaron Salik
> Talas
> http://talasonline.com

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