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Re: [BKARTS] Come in, Cancun

Quoting Paul T Werner <paul.werner@xxxxxxx>:

Hey, Jules - how are your guys weathering the storm down there?

I'm in an Internet cafe on the mainland. We finally have electricity and phone service but no water at home. We are are carrying water in buckets from the main cistern. My Ethernet cable was damaged and I will have a connection as soon as my eldest son, Eli, repairs it.

We stayed in Damaris's (Eli's girlfriend) house on the mainland. A bunker. We
had a little leaking under the door. Otherwise everything stayed dry. We live on
an island in the lagoon formed by the main island of Cancun, to which it is
attached by a causeway. When we got home two windows and doors had blown out in
our apartment. Lots of mess, but nothing irreplaceable. Lagoon water was carried
up by the wind into our apartment on the fourth floor!

It looks ugly but 95% of the residentials building are ok and only 30% of the
hotels suffered structural damage -- all reparable. Not a single death. The
government is pouring on the emergency funds and they expect to have the hotels
open on Dec. 15.

Yesterday the supermarkets opened we were finally able to find a functioning
ATM. We went to the supermarket and bought food. We'd been surviving on a huge
bag of bisquits that Damaris bought at Costco, tuna, peanut butter, eggs and
the like. Anita is cooking a chicken. I can't wait to go back home for a hot
meal. I've been in town searching for a front door with not much luck.

Bye all. I'll write more when I get my Internet connection fixed.

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