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[BKARTS] Deacidification Solution

I myself am not a conservator, but may have a little more information to contribute on the subject than I have thus far.

The first thing to really understand is that deacidification is not a restorative process. It will not turn a paper back to its original color, make it less brittle and easy to handle. The buffering agent that is deposited during the deacidification process is there to help balance the acidity of the paper and hopefully slow down the deterioration of the paper. Color photographs should be used with unbuffered materials, but buffering agents as far as I understand are compatible with most types of black and white photos.

In terms of albums made of acidic paper, it is best to remove the photos from this environment rather than trying to deacidifiy the paper on which they are housed. A typical type of paper that we sell for albums should you want to re mount them would be Stonehenge paper. This is a 100% cotton paper 250gm weight which is a suitable weight for mounting photographs to. Should you want to frame them then our Rising museum mounting board would be the appropriate choice once they have been removed. If you did want to keep the photos in the original album I would suggest putting each photo into a Mylar sleeve before returning them to the album to prevent it from further acid deterioration.

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