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Posted: Friday , October 21, 2005 

Business student receives international recognition


MRC student Robert Angus is not used to being in the spotlight. But
that's where the third-year Bachelor of Applied Small Business and
Entrepreneurship student found himself recently during an international
student business conference in Toronto. 

In early October, Angus, along with 100 other college and university
students from 27 different countries, was invited to take part in the
HSBC Financial Literacy Forum to discuss an innovative business project
he developed here at Mount Royal-a book project called Red Words. 

"I'm not usually in the limelight and the things that I do don't often
get that kind of recognition," said Angus. 

Red Words is a 50-page anthology of native poems, photographs and
stories that celebrate aboriginal culture. But the primary focus of the
project was to help native students on campus develop business skills. 

"It was about teaching them basic accounting skills while we were doing
it. It was also important to show them how to market the book and how to
go about creating it," said Angus. 

"I'm surprised by the reaction. Going to the Financial Literacy Forum
was the highlight of my year and getting a lot of feedback on it was
quite important." He was also surprised by how many people at Mount
Royal were interested in the project and wanted to be involved. 

Angus loves business and, at the age of 29, has already been involved in
more entrepreneurial ventures than most people are in a lifetime. He's
eager to add to the diverse mix of experiences he's had in the
jewelry-making, bookbinding, graphic design and tarot reading

After a childhood spent living in poverty, Angus says he's not only
focused on financial success but also on being successful as a person. 

"I expect that I will be a millionaire sometime but it's not the concept
of being a millionaire that gets me at all. What I'm interested in is
the concept of being able to focus on a goal and make it bigger and
better and more impressive overall and thereby help society and myself
at the same time." 

Vance Gough, Program Chair, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and
International Business, says Angus's attitude is typical of many Mount
Royal business students who have a great track record for collaborating
on projects that benefit other people. 

"When you see a group of students come together on a campus and do that,
it takes the whole learning experience and everything we do in the
classroom to a whole other level and you can see where they might be in
10 or 15 years," said Gough, who also attended the financial literacy
forum which was held as part of the SIFE World Cup (Students in Free

"The event showed us that while we were doing some good things here, we
could do so much more," said Gough. 

Angus, along with the Native Student Centre and Advancing Canadian
Entrepreneurship (ACE) members at Mount Royal, is now working on a
second edition of Red Words, as well as a new project that involves
providing information to help exchange students adjust more easily to
life at Mount Royal. 

Photo: Robert Angus is a student in MRC's Bachelor of Applied Business
and Entrepreneurship program.

Robert  &  Jamie  Angus

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