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[BKARTS] Bookbinding Material Samples

I'm a bookbinding novice living in West Virginia - far, far away from any
bookbinding supplier or even a large, well-stocked art store.  Consequently,
I purchase almost all of my materials over the internet.  I've spent a small
fortune purchasing sample books for papers, bookcloth, leather, etc.  I
actually wanted just ONE sample of many of the item so that I could judge
the weight, feel, etc. but I had to purchase a full set with samples of each

I figured that if this was a problem for me, it was probably a problem for
many other people, so I'd like to ask all of you some questions:

1.  Would you find it helpful to be able to purchase sample books of TYPES
of products rather than full color or pattern sets?
2.  What types of products would you be interested in:  bookcloth, fine art
papers, japanese papers, handmade papers, decorative papers, conservation
papers, leather, bookboard, endbands, thread, tapes, cords, other?
3.  What types of grouping do you think would be useful?  Would the list in
#2 be good with bookboard, endbands, thread, tapes and cords combined into
4.  What do you think would be reasonable as to cost for this type of sample
5.  I'm thinking of putting together a website that would be a reference and
resource about bookbinding products.  It would have information about all of
these different products, a facility for people to rate the different
products and describe their own experiences with them, and offer the sample
books for sale.  Do you think this idea is great, good, or of little
6.  Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

Margie Fenney

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