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Re: [BKARTS] Winter Book Arts Getaway

Kevin, and others interested in Book Arts in Warm Places:

As Olivia Hibel mentioned, we do indeed have book arts workshops here at the Jaffe Book Arts Collection at Florida Atlantic University. We're keeping a rather low profile this year, though, because we are undergoing a major expansion of the Wimberly Library. When all is said and done, the Jaffe Collection will be dramatically larger and dramatically different, and will include a book arts classroom. Currently, we are using space on a slightly musty floor of the oldest part of the library complex for workshops, and are scheduling only a few this year. None of them will be weeklong, as Kevin wanted, but we have done workshops like that in the past (like our Spring Break Book Arts Intensive a couple of years ago), and will probably do so again in the future.

We do have one weekend that is pretty much confirmed: January 28 and 29, Emily Martin will be here from the University of Iowa. She'll be teaching workshops in the now famous Secret Belgian Binding and the Cross Structure Binding. Aside from that, we may have something in the works later in the spring semester with Carol Todaro, a Miami book artist who is not very well known but who should be. And she's a great teacher. I may be teaching a workshop or two during the spring semester, as well.

We are still a bit hurricane-worn here in Boca Raton and vicinity, losing a lot of time due to Wilma and the resulting power outages and other disruptions. We only had one broken window at the Wimberly, which is not bad considering the gymnasium lost its entire new roof (there's a section of it dangling right outside my window), and our science and engineering buildings also were hard hit. But work on our planning, newsletters, etc, are way off schedule, so be patient with us. We should have full details on Emily's workshops, as well as the others, in the next few weeks. We always annouce these things here on the Book Arts List, but if you want to be absolutely sure to know of our events, send me an email asking to be added to the Jaffe Collection Email List, and you will be among the first to know.


John Cutrone Book Arts Coordinator The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection: Books as Aesthetic Objects Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library Boca Raton, Florida

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