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Re: [BKARTS] www.aboutbookbinding.com

Hello Chris,

Good Question!
In the US most books published before the 1920's are
not under copyright protection and are free for
distribution to the public.  Dovers versions of these
books are all under copyright protection.  The law
states that you have to modify the original books
content by a certain percentage in order to copyright
it again. I forget what the percentage is? 20% or so
if I remember correctly.  But the copyright is only
good for the new version not the original version. 
NOLO has a great book on copyright law that explains
it better.  Dover adds a new intro, title, a section,
modifies the content in some way and copyrights their
new version  of the original book but the orginal work
is still free for use to the public.  It's called
being in the public domain. That's how The Gutenburg
Project has the full content of all those books
online.  Walt Disney got his start in business selling
public domain films and such.  Their are several
publishers including Dover that do this on a regular
basis to build up their back list of books to sell. 
Google has also started a project to put lots and lots
of public domain books online.  
Thanks for asking.

Marcus Harbert

--- Christopher Swingley <cswingle@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Marcus,
> * Marcus Harbert <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> [2005-Nov-11 08:41 AKST]:
> > You have inspired me to add more books to the site
> > starting with "Bookbinding and the Care of Books"
> > Published by D. Appleton and Company 1902.  So
> I'll
> > start typing again........ 
> I don't know much about Copyright law, but it's
> possible that Dover
> Press owns the rights to this title.  I just picked
> up 'Bookbinding, The
> Classic Arts and Crafts Manual' by Douglas Cockerell
> from my local
> bookseller, and the back of the book led me to
> believe it's an
> unabridged reprinting of a 1902 book with a similar
> title.  The titles
> are different (your book and the one I just bought),
> but I'm not sure
> how much that matters if the content inside is
> "owned" by someone.
> I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, and I'm
> certainly no fan of
> continually expanding Copyright law in the United
> States, but I thought
> you might like to know that this title may actually
> be in print under a
> different name.
> The one I just got is ISBN 0486440397.
> Cheers,
> Chris
> -- 
> Christopher S. Swingley          email:
> cswingle@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Intl. Arctic Research Center
> University of Alaska Fairbanks  
> www.frontier.iarc.uaf.edu/~cswingle/

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