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Re: [BKARTS] selling at trade shows

...the kind of large scale shows that cater to
> wholesale buyers 
> from museum shops and high end gallery shops instead
> of individual 
> collectors or retail buyers. 

One show is the New York Stationery Show, which is  a
very large show. But also very expensive to be in. I
helped a friend with her work (hand made cards) there
2 years ago, and she spent at least $7000 on this
show. And , the returns didn't cover all those
expenses. So this is something not to be attempted
lightly. My  basic recommendations are to have  a good
cash reserve (that you can "afford" to lose, at least
initially), great marketing, and potentially even a
partner to help you with it all. Also keep in mind
that you will be competing with companies that make
"cheap" books (or other things) (not hand made) that
they can sell very inexpensively.

You might try looking at www.mollywest.com (hand made
books). She was at the show that year, and has been
doing this for awhile, and seems to be pretty


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