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Re: [BKARTS] Exhibition Announcement: Barbara Tetenbaum: A Retrospective of 25 Years as a Book Artist

Dear Jim Carmin,

I wish I could attend the exhibition you annouced on the Book Arts List.   
I'm in Philadelphia, and don't have plans to be in Portland in the next few 
months, but thoroughly enjoyed my previous two visits to your city.

In fact, during the AIC meeting (in 2003?), I visited the Wilson room at the 
library and we were shown some wonderful examples from the collection.   One 
of them was a book which is from Lyon, France.   The textblock consists of 
silk, woven so finely that it appears to be precisely printed.   I've regretted 
that I did not have a pencil at hand to write down the information about it.

If you know which volume I'm describing, I would most appreciate it, if, when 
convenient, you could send me a note with the title and date and any other 
catalog information that exists.   (I haven't been able to find it online.) 

Thanks for all you do and belatedly for the hospitality the AIC group was 
shown by the your library.

Nancy H. Nitzberg
Book Conservator
7820 Spring Avenue
Elkins Park, PA   19027

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