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Re: [BKARTS] "Unique Handmade Books" book for sale

Join the elderly, my friend.  I just did the same thing with another book,
but will probably give it to somebody as a gift.  If I can find it.

Anonymous Old Coot

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Subject: "Unique Handmade Books" book for sale

Have you ever wanted something, then you buy it, and some time later
forget that you got it and you buy it again! I think this may have
something to do with age.

I wanted the book by Alisa Golden,  Unique Handmade Books. I picked one
up in my travels. Then I forgot I had it and bought another one when I
saw it again! Now I need to sell one. It is still brand new. It is the
hard cover version, retails for $27.95. It would be a perfect addition
to your library. It is a great book for simulating ideas on different
structures and techniques, lots of great photos.
I am willing to sell it for $25 and I will pay for the shipping (US).
It is a great present to a book person or for yourself. You can send me
a check or use PayPal.

Book Description
  Alisa Golden explores various approaches to creating handmade books
against the backdrop of her own work and the contributions of 13 other
book artists.

Dozens of project instructions teach you how to make assorted book
forms, including accordion-fold constructions, pocket pages, simple
binding methods, and more unusual forms such as tunnel books or Jacob's
ladder books. You'll also learn less tangible skills such as how to
find ideas, play with design concepts, and make a collaborative book.
Since these creations are often more like mixed-media sculpture than
volumes to be read, the projects serve more as a general guide for
exploring our own creativity than making exact duplicates of Golden's
offerings. Experienced crafters, and even very adventurous beginners,
will find a wealth of inspiration here.

Every one of these astonishing and original projects will redefine your
idea of how a book should look. No simple rectangles here, but
one-of-a-kind volumes folded like an accordion; shaped and themed, with
windows and envelopes; thickly sewn and decoratively woven; dressed in
"wedding netting" for a bride; and made out of paper bags. There are
even containers for protection and display, and they can enhance the
meaning of a book's text. Along with advice on paints, inks, stencils,
transfers, and distressed covers, you'll find fun ways to make
collaborative books, including ones to create with a child.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Jill Timm
Mystical Places Press
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one of a kind and small editions,
miniature and not so miniature.

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Now Online - The Bonefolder, Vol. 2, No. 1 at <http://www.philobiblon.com/bonefolder>
             For all your subscription questions, go to the
                      Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
          See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information

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