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[BKARTS] Duplicate books for sale

Jim is not the only one who has duplicate books. As a matter of fact, we
have a page on our Web site that lists the duplicates we would like to sell.
A few are expensive, but quite a few are priced at $25.00 or less. As you
can guess, they should have a pretty broad appeal to book people with
varying interests. You can find them listed at

Virginia Kramer

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From: "Jill Timm" <jtimm@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 1:06 PM
Subject: "Unique Handmade Books" book for sale

> Have you ever wanted something, then you buy it, and some time later
> forget that you got it and you buy it again! I think this may have
> something to do with age.
> I wanted the book by Alisa Golden,  Unique Handmade Books. I picked one
> up in my travels. Then I forgot I had it and bought another one when I
> saw it again! Now I need to sell one. It is still brand new. It is the
> hard cover version, retails for $27.95. It would be a perfect addition
> to your library. It is a great book for simulating ideas on different
> structures and techniques, lots of great photos.
> I am willing to sell it for $25 and I will pay for the shipping (US).
> It is a great present to a book person or for yourself. You can send me
> a check or use PayPal.
> Book Description
>   Alisa Golden explores various approaches to creating handmade books
> against the backdrop of her own work and the contributions of 13 other
> book artists.
> Dozens of project instructions teach you how to make assorted book
> forms, including accordion-fold constructions, pocket pages, simple
> binding methods, and more unusual forms such as tunnel books or Jacob's
> ladder books. You'll also learn less tangible skills such as how to
> find ideas, play with design concepts, and make a collaborative book.
> Since these creations are often more like mixed-media sculpture than
> volumes to be read, the projects serve more as a general guide for
> exploring our own creativity than making exact duplicates of Golden's
> offerings. Experienced crafters, and even very adventurous beginners,
> will find a wealth of inspiration here.
> Every one of these astonishing and original projects will redefine your
> idea of how a book should look. No simple rectangles here, but
> one-of-a-kind volumes folded like an accordion; shaped and themed, with
> windows and envelopes; thickly sewn and decoratively woven; dressed in
> "wedding netting" for a bride; and made out of paper bags. There are
> even containers for protection and display, and they can enhance the
> meaning of a book's text. Along with advice on paints, inks, stencils,
> transfers, and distressed covers, you'll find fun ways to make
> collaborative books, including ones to create with a child.
> Happy Thanksgiving,
> Jill
> Jill Timm
> Mystical Places Press
> Handcrafted artist books,
> one of a kind and small editions,
> miniature and not so miniature.
> www.mysticalplaces.com
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