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Re: [BKARTS] Bookbinding books.

Hi John,
Pamela's book was the first book I came across when I was getting back into bookbinding. I found it better than Watson or Darley because the drawings are clearer (larger), more detailed, more up to date and there are photographs as well. Her explanations are detailed enough to actually do good work from them. Most do-it-yourself manuals I've found explain only the obvious.
Sorry but I am not familiar with either of the other two. Would be happy to do a review of the Lavender book for you if you want.
Hope this helps,
Dave Allen

john neal wrote:

Is anyone familiar with  Bookbinding: A Manual of Techniques by Pamela
Richard. 1995. It's a British publication. If it is a worthwhile book,
I'd like to stock it. List price is $35.00

Any one familiar with either of these two as well? Are they worthwhile?
Focused totally on utilitarian repairs for libraries or also useful for
individuals, hobbyists.

Book Repair: A How-To-Do-It Manual by Kenneth Lavender. 2001. It's part
of a series for Librarians. List price is $69.95

In House Book Repair by Sharon A McQueen. 2005. Perhaps someone on the
list would want to write a short review of this book (or both these
books) for Bound & Lettered. I could supply review copies.

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