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Re: [BKARTS] Paper folding

John -

Here's the basic idea for making four separate rooms and adhering them
together - I'm pretty sure you can find illustrated instructions in Susan
Gaylord's Multicultural Books to Make and Share - probably available through
inter-library loan. I think Ed Hutchins and Emily Martin both have crafted
this structure from a single sheet of paper. 

Start with a square sheet of paper (cardstock weight is best)

Fold it in half 

Unfold and fold in half again the other direction

Unfold again

Now you have folds dividing the page into fourths

Turn the page over and fold in half "like a taco" - corner to corner

Unfold again.

ok, the folding is finished

You have your original sheet with four quadrants, two of which have diagonal
lines running through them. 

You're going to cut out one of the quadrants with the diagonal lines BUT
leaving an extra little flap on one side - so you're cutting out less than a
full quad. 

Where the little flap meets the center of the page, cut off a small triangle
- you can follow what's left of the diagonal line on the flap

Fold the page back in half like a taco, but in the opposite direction of
your original taco fold.

Bring the little flap around to the back of the other side and glue it down.

Open the page and push the pointed tip of the paper towards the center to
turn the fold line inside out (back to its original fold direction)

This gives you one "room" of the four rooms - Repeat three more times and
adhere the rooms back to back to form the rooms. 

Hope this helps -

Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, OR 

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