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Re: [BKARTS] Paper folding

If you are still curious, it is possible to do this with one peice of 
paper, albeit difficult to provide clear instructions by email without 
attaching pictures.  If you or anyone would like pictures to help 
clarify the steps, please just let me know!  

first, using a square sheet of paper, fold into fourths (in half then 
in half again), then unfold and do the same in the other direction. 
You are left with three vertical and three horizontal lines, making an 
inner and an outer square.  

lightly crease the paper diagonally both ways("like a taco"), then cut 
along those diagonal lines WITHIN the smaller square of original 
folds, leaving four triangular flaps attached by the hypotenuse to the 
outer square. 

starting with any flap, fold it back, out of the way, leaving the 
opposite alone and in sight.  

the other two flaps get cut along the center line up as far as the 
outer square.  then with both sides, fold one of the newly created 
smaller triangular flaps back out of the way against the outer 

now, here's the tricky part.  bring all of the middle folds in the 
outer square up to become ridges or tops of the walls, while the outer 
two lines of each side go down to separate the walls and the floors. 

I found it easier to start with the walls with the flaps that were not 
cut, bringing them up at the same time, making the flap "hug" the 
opposite wall.  Then while holding those walls up with one hand, bring 
up the others with the other hand, making sure that one small flap 
stays back, or under, out of the way, and the other rests against an 
adjoining wall.  

the flaps are there to hold the walls up and in place.  glue or tape 
these flaps to the wall.  You may also have to glue or tape the rest 
of the walls together for stability.  

Amy Jacobson

> Hi, I've got a specific and general question about folding paper.  
> Doesanyone know of websites that either give away or sell folding 
> templates?For example, I'm trying to construction a 3-dimensional 
> 4-"room" structure
> (where you have four rooms all of which have only two interior 
> sides) from
> one sheet of paper--basically, a structure sort of like this:    + 
>  .    Is
> this asked clearly enough?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> John Ptak
> JF Ptak Science Books LLC

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