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[BKARTS] The Pepper Gospels

I just updated my website the Pepper Bible to include new pictures of the  
illuminated manuscript of the Gospels. 
You can Google it by typing in "The Pepper Bible."
The illumination at the top of the page is from Luke chapter 3 and it  is a 
carpet page.  Whereas the Book of Kells and the Saint John's Bible  have carpet 
pages at the beginning of each Gospel, I decided to do that at the  beginning 
of each chapter so about half of the chapters actually start with a  full 
page carpet page. The designs are all my own. It is made entirely by  hand 
without the use of computers and I did it all by myself. 
Each chapter is written in a different historic calligraphic style.
The Gospels contain an Interlinear Polyglot in Greek, Latin and English  
which I made by translating the Complutensian Polyglot of Accala Spain of  
Also included are blessings from Pope John Paul II and the Archbishop of  
I completed the New Testament in 1995, but when 9-11 happened and I lost a  
lot friends that day and so I decided to make a great Bible book.  And this  
set of Gospels contains 310 pages that are illuminated, 550 in all and most  of 
the remaining pages are illustrated.
Right now I am finishing the inhabited initials of Luke, Most of the verse  
initials of Luke are inhabited initials, they contain a drawing of a plant or  
animal or thing in with the first initial of the verse.
The links at the bottom of the page lead to about 1200 links on illuminated  
James G. Pepper
Antiquarius Domini

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