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Re: [BKARTS] Gum Ammoniac

Gum ammoniac is in Kremer's catalog, but I've never bought any from them.

Blots (Great Britain) carries a solution of gum ammoniac for gilding. But
its not just the gum, and the shipping could be a deal breaker.

You could try the Society of Scribes, which sells gum ammoniac on their
website. But they're also in Great Britain.

My 1 oz. has gone a long way -- I think I got mine at Pendragon, which
been out of business for many years now. But I don't use gum ammoniac as a
base much, either.


Beth Lee
Tallahasee, Florida

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Interesting problem. I've had mine for so long I've forgotten where I
got it. Baggot, which used to sell it, has gone under, and I get the
impression from their catalog that they got theirs from some
spiritualist or other. They charged $5.60 a gram, which ain't too
spiritual by me. Sepp, the major distributor of gilding supplies,
doesn't seem to have it. Neither, surprisingly, does Kremer, though you
may want to give them a call.

If it helps: the stuff is used as an emetic. It makes you barf. You may
want to try Asian pharmacies.

Paul T Werner, New York

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