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[BKARTS] sketchbooks

Hi everybody! Thanks so much for the recomendations on 
  books about sketching. I was browsing at Amazon.com 
  for this subject, and oddly you recomended me exactly
  those wich I marked as "not interested" (as those ones 
  didn't show the table of contents).
  I am about to buy 3 books: Watercolor Journeys: create 
  your own travel sketchbook (Richard Schilling); Create your 
  own artists journal (Erin Otoole); Artists Sketchbook 
  (Quarto Book - by Lucy Watson). Can anyone here tell me
  if they are worth buying?
  I thought that this subject would be a off-topic once that
  since I entered this list I just saw topics related to 
  Here in my country there are very few artists showing their 
  sketchbooks. I only know "Rubens Matuck" (young artist,
  he travells a lot around Brazil), "Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira,
  Joaquim Codina and José Freire" (they travelled thru Amazon 
  river along Barbosa Rodrigues in 1871, sketing plants and
  exotic animals, but I don't know if there is a publication
  compiling their works) and Debret (he studied social life
  in the colony)
  Lucas - l_albergaria@xxxxxxxxxxx

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