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Re: [BKARTS] Artist biographies

The National Library of Australia has been publishing the Diaries of
Donald Friend, one of Australia's leading artists from the 1940s through
to the 80s. To date 3 volumes have been published and they are great. 

Volume 1
When Donald Friend died in 1989, he left behind over 40 volumes of his
diary. Now, the National Library has embarked on a major publishing
project to realise Friend's wish that the diaries be edited and
published. This first volume covers Friend's early life as a student,
his adventures in Nigeria, and his experiences in the army during World
War II. Including 100 drawings from Friend's diaries, this book is a
chance to discover Friend the artist and Friend the writer.

Volume 2
Covering the period January 1944 to March 1949, the extraordinary life
of Australian artist Donald Friend continues in The Diaries of Donald
Friend Volume 2. This is the second of four casebound volumes to be
published by the National Library, revealing Friend's fine powers of
observation, his irreverence and wit, his sensitivity and his marvellous
eloquence. The diaries speak about art, love, friendship, travel, and
much more, making absorbing reading as Friend experiences his final
years of war service, both in Brisbane and as an official war artist;
his return to Sydney where he lived with fellow artists in the colonial
mansion Merioola; his travels to the Torres Strait Islands; and time
spent in the old gold-mining town of Hill End. Including over 100
drawings from the diaries, this book is an essential publication for all
lovers of art and great writing. Published under the auspices of the
Morris West Trust Fund.

Volume 3
Covering the Period March 1949 to December 1966, volume 3 of the
extraordinary Diaries of Donald Friend sees Friend travel to Italy,
London, France, Spain and Sri Lanka before eventually returning to
Sydney. During this period he is also at Hill End (NSW), and in
Queensland, all the time producing art (winning the Blake Prize in
1955), writing books, absorbing the influences of various cultures and
meeting an interesting range of people, including Attilio Guarracino,
Peter Sculthorpe, Patrick White, Robert Hughes and Ian Fairweather.

They can be ordered from the NLA website:

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This is a bit off-topic, and apologies for cross-posting, but I am
investigating the artist biography, and I would appreciate it if list
members would pass along their favorites, along with their thoughts as
what ingredients contributed to its success.

Many thanks,

Betty Bright

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