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Scott Teplin wrote:
I'm just saddened that most of the time, when I see a book arts show - its with artists
books that are so painfully lacking in ideas.......

Having brought the artistsbooks online site to the attention of the list I feel I must reply to Scotts's somewhat negative comments:.

The State Libarary of Queensland has been a leader in collecting and promoting the genre of artist books in Australia and has contributed much to make a place for artist books within what Scott refers to as the 'established art world'. As a major step in this direction earlier this year, to celebrate the centenary of women's suffrage in Queensland, the library commissioned a number of Queensland artists to produce artist books for its collection. The somewhat controversial results of that commissioning process were certainly not 'painfully lacking in ideas'. In Australia the artist book field has not been so dominated by explorations of the book form as it has recently in the US - printmaking has played a large part in its development, as has the involvement of many recognised artists from other genres and some of our major teaching institutions
Having seen a small part of the over 500 books in the SLQ collection I can assure Scott that the books in this important collection are not lacking in content or ideas. Nor are they intended for a limited audience of the intitiated. The SLQ plays an important role, not only in collecting the work of artists and promoting artist books to the art world, but also in making art accessible to all through its collection. The website is evdience that the library is interested in working at grass roots level within the education system to have quality artist books units included in the school curriculum, and it seems this is the major goal in the artistsbooks online project:

" which is designed to closely link to the school curriculum and promote artists books as a valuable learning resource for teachers and students throughout Queensland. The Artists’ books in the State Library’s collection have always been popular for tours by student groups and our digitisation project is a great way to give rural and regional students access to this wonderful collection."

The website is very new, and some fine tuning may be necessary, but I do think congratulations are more appropriate than criticism.

Judy Barrass

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