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Re: [BKARTS] Telling of the Book Arts World

I think Jill's method (start with 'art' not 'book') is very interesting and accurate - I've found the same thing - I start talking about art first and then get a bit more specific (just like I'd also say 'I'm an artist, and I work primarily in collage/oils/sculpture/etc")

Having said that, I've never had much problem explaining what I do, but I've only recently come to book art after years working in collage and assemblage (and I'm using those same artforms combined with book art) so people see it as a natural extension of the work I've always done.



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Jill Timm wrote:

When I am talking to people outside the book arts world about what I do. I start by saying "I am an artist. I create works of art, that look or act, more or less, like a book." I have found that putting the word "book" at the end of the explanation helps a lot. When I use the word "book" at the beginning the listener immediately frames the rest of my words as relating to books (bookstore books). When I start with artist, it helps to them to focus on the art, not the book part of the description.

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