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Re: [BKARTS] Telling of the Book Arts World

Michelle Wilson <michelle_print@xxxxxxxxx>

Which goes back to my original question, how do you all explain what it is you do to others?

<sigh> Michelle brings up a great point: for those of us (like me!) who can't be catagorized into a specific niche, what *do* we call ourselves?

I spin, and knit, but was trained as a writer, editor, DTP geek, and indexer: I use all of these skills in the art I produce. While I bill myself as a "fibre (I'm in Canada, eh?) artist," I'm also all of those other things (my day gig demands I use 'em).

And besides having run my own business, curated museum shows, and gone to graduate school, where I'm considered to be a chimera of architect and planner, I haven't quit expanding my horizons yet.

My preference is "visual artist" but I'm certainly open to other suggestions....

Happy New Year, y'all! (damn: why did First Night in Calgary die?)


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