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[BKARTS] Octavia & Co Press's Latest release



Is proud to present:


Wise Pussy 



Ingrid Heller

The Erotic Memoirs of the 

Golden Girls

The Limited First Edition of this fabulous book by acclaimed writer
Ingrid Heller is now available through Octavia & Co. Press. 

Erotic memoirs of the Golden Girls and Ingrid Heller are derived from
the personal experience and study of the metaphysics of sex and the
philosopher's stone. Erotica, as the catalyst for awakening the life
force necessary in the transcendence of consciousness is compassionately
allowing lovers to find their own path. Answers to questions regarding
the exile from Eden and return to Paradise, celibacy, virginity,
motherhood, sexual practices, alchemy and the Tree of Life are conveyed
within these chapters. 


"Ingrid Heller has written an interesting book that combines Joseph
Campbell's concepts concerning living archetypes with a feminist twist
toward drawing on one's sexual experience. First she took us through
purgatory and paradise with Beatrice, now we get glimpses of heaven
through an overly polite or recondite pussy."  


-- Glenn Morris Ph.D, Author of "Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the
Clueless Soul," "Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy," and the
"American Ninja" series. "


 "Pussy Tales is Ingrid at her best. Flawlessly crafted, she tells her
story with artistic perfection. In disclosing her sacred memory, she
unveils layer by layer gifts of herself she can truly call the erotic

-- James Zacharias, Ph.D., Minister/Educator


To order your copy of the limited first edition, please visit our web
site at 




Or send a personal cheque with name and address to:


Octavia & Co. Press

3112 28th Ave SW

Calgary, Alberta

T3E 0R8

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