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[BKARTS] Update BioBibData

BioBibData, a biographical and bibliographical website, listing a.o.
editions printed in Belgium before 1801 (BelEdiMar-pages), was updated:

5927 editions = 15 new editions
With new "books on books" by publisher Academia Press

BioBibData is browsed by Google.com.
With a list of newly added editions
http://users.skynet.be/biobibdata/Belnieuw_Start_EN.html and of newly added
copies http://users.skynet.be/biobibdata/Belexmnw_Start_EN.html.
An article on the BelEdiMar-pages has been published in 'De Gulden Passer.
Jaarboek van de Vereniging der Antwerpse bibliofielen' 80 (2002), 201-211.

NEW EDITIONS/COPIES BY (AUTHORS):  Aesopos; Aldegonde, Philips van Marnix,
heer van St.; Arias Montanus, Benitus; Barry, Paul de s.j.; Bellon, Pierre;
Belonius, Petrus; Buffier, Claude s.j.; Cicero, Marcus Tullius; C. R. I. S.
T. I. I. N. [= Christyn, Jean Baptiste I]; Eunapius van Sardes; Fano,
Giovanni de; Goltzius, Hubertus; Griffet, Henri s.j.; Hennequin, Anton;
Houwaert, Jehan Baptista; Jacobs, Jean-Bernard; Marmontel, Jean François;
Noot, Ian vander; Ortelius, Abrahamus; Oudegherst, Pierre d'; Rowlande,
Richard; Valerius Maximus; l'auteur de l'Aventurier françois, & du
philosophe parvenu [= Lesuire, Robert-Martin]
NEW EDITIONS/COPIES ABOUT (KEYWORDS):  Antiquity; Ceremonies & Feasts;
Government publications; History; Literature; Pedagogy-Schoolbook; Religion;
Religion-Church History; Religion-Devotion; Religion-Liturgy;
Science-Botany; Science-Medicine; Topography; University-Thesis
NEW EDITIONS/COPIES ABOUT (PLACES):  Brussels; Flanders; Hainaut; Louvain;
Low Countries; Mons

   Forthcoming Auctions
BE/Brussels, Librairie des Eléphants: 2006/01/14 (390 n°s).
BE/Brussels, Le Libraire Alain Ferraton: 2006/01/21 (926 n°s).
UK/London, Bloomsbury Book Auctions: 2006/01/12 (447 n°s).
UK/London, Bloomsbury Book Auctions: 2006/01/19 (358 n°s).
UK/London, Bloomsbury Book Auctions: 2006/01/26 (270 n°s).
BE/Brussels, Henri Godts: 2005/12/17 (503 n°s).
UK/London, Bloomsbury Book Auctions: 2005/10/13 (409 n°s).
SW/Stockholm, Stockholms Auktionsverk: 2005/12/12 (6001-6511 n°s).
   Catalogues of Antiquarian Booksellers
FR/Paris, antiq. La Nef des fous: Catalogue n° 21 (183 n°s).
FR/Paris, Michel Bouvier: Catalogue 41: Livres rares (150 n°s).
UK/Oxford, Blackwell's Rare Books: 150 Rare Books (150 n°s).
UK/Oxford, Blackwell's Rare Books: B149: A Selection of Antiquarian and
Modern Books (313 n°s).
Some catalogues by antiquarian booksellers, wishing to remain anonymous.

    To make this site more informative, every auctioneer or antiquarian
bookseller is kindly invited to send her/his printed catalogue.

    Thank You and hoping you enjoy the site,
    Koning Albertlaan 71
    B-9000 Gent
(Biografische en Bibliografische Data/Biographical and Bibliographical
Data/Données Biographiques et bibliographiques)

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