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Re: [BKARTS] Stella Waitzkin Website (sorry, more typos)

Sorry. E-mail is the very devil. Here are one or two corrections, just for
the record.

> As you know, Rutgers has purchased and solicited donations of many
> artists' books that do not fit the conventional description [of a book],
and I tend
> to believe that it is precisely the significatory function [of an
> artists' book], or its 'nonbookness' that makes [it] interesting. [And
it is through its significatory function that an artists' book makes its
claim as a work of art.] If
> "artists' books" were books, well, we would have no need of them, since
> we already have books that function spectacularly well as books.
> I guess I think that if we were going to argue for the status of artists
> books as decorative arts it would make sense to [establish] as a
> criterion, as someone in the Bone Folder did recently, the question,
> "how does this project work as a book?" But, I think, at least from a
> fine arts perspective, the more interesting question is how does an
> artists' book *not* work as a book. Or, how does this work disrupt the
> functionality of the book,
> or defer its desirability as a book, to achieve its unique signficatory
> function.
> Of course, in many instances, the significatory function of an [artists
> book] is to signify some physical or conceptual element of the book or
> its socio-cultural context. But that does not lessen the reality that
> what [an artists' book is] signifying is not what [it is]; that is [to
say], an artists' books may be signifying
> "book" but it is not functioning as a book.

Okay, that's it. Good night, Mike Joseph

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