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Re: [BKARTS] Paper & Book Intensive 2006

Hi Steve,
It was great to get the brochure for PBI so here is the requested info you  
Marilyn Chambers
3 La Traviata 
Santa Fe, NM  87506
_marilynmah@xxxxxxxx (mailto:marilynmah@xxxxxxx) 
Most of my bookbinding studies have been limited to the local Santa Fe  
community college and self teaching.  I did attend PBI last year. I have  also 
taken workshops from Hedi Kyle and Tim Ely.
Last year I attended PBI and realized that there was a larger more  
sophisticated ( the skits to put this into question) book community than I had  ever 
known. The excursion to Laura Wait's studio was amazing.  I  loved the intensity 
of Eileen's and Anna's classes. PBI gave me more confidence  in my own work 
and validated  that there were other book geeks like me out  there.  I would 
love to return this year to explore more subjects and  further stretch my brain. 
Now the good stuff classes,
Choice                                              Instructor                
             Workshop Title
First Session
first                                          Laura  Wait                    
      Playing  By Ear
second                                    Julia  Miller                       
     The Nag Hammadi
third                                        Jeffrey Peachey                  
   Making and Sharpening Knives
fourth                                      Richard  Flavin                   
     Japanese Woodblock
fifth                                          Tom  Balbo                     
        Western Style Papermaking
Session Two
first                                          Martha  Little                 
         Reconstructing a 9th Century
second                                    Karen  Gorst                        
 Medieval  Illumination 
third                                         Cathy  Hunt                     
      Creative Play
fourth                                       Priscilla  Spitler               
       A Case for Multiples
fifth                                          Cecile  Webster                
      Back to Basics
Take Care,
Marilyn Chambers

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