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Re: [BKARTS] Very Telling, Indeed

On Jan 18, 2006, at 2:58 PM, Paul T Werner wrote:

Speaking of dodges: mighty interesting that all those medieval scribes
were making "art" centuries before the conception existed. Apparently
they were producing stuff they had neither the ability to identify nor
the cultural competency to produce.

I find it amusing that so many folks think of scribes as producing prayer books and bibles in the heat of religious passion when it really was just a job. There's little or no recognition of the pattern books the maintained by the various workshops so designs didn't have to be created anew each time, and somehow nobody discusses the very pornographic marginalia. Why doesn't anyone (well, with the exception of Lillian Randall in her book) discuss these beautifully drawn images when talking about the religious fervor of the scribes?

Sally Jackson

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