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[BKARTS] Alphabet

I agree.  Any theme is just a starting point for the artist, so why
criticize any particular one?  Each artist brings his or her own sensibility
and creativity, or lack thereof, to a given project, whatever the subject.

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> On 1/18/06, Alice Simpson <DanceMarathon1@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I just don't understand what some have against "the alphabet."
>> The letters by which we communicate seem to continually take
>> quite a lot of judgmental abuse.
>> While I haven't spent my book art life creating alphabet books,
>> I respect those that do. We dance to our own drummers.
>> Over the past twenty years I developed an alphabet,
>> with my own kind of personal passion. It might have been as
>> meaningful to me as an artist to accomplish as creating an
>> illuminated manuscript, a book about politics or the tango.
>> The wonderful artful concentration one experiences,
>> between mind and hand, the choices one makes in line,
>> tone, color, words, the whole experience of "doing,"
>> is very personal.   Who can determine individual passions?
>> You?

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