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Re: [BKARTS] Very Telling, Indeed

There is a book on it by Jonathan J. G. Alexander called  "Medieval 
Illuminators and their methods of work"; Yale University Press  1992.  It shows the 
originals and the copies made after  them.    A lot of illuminations came from 
church mosaics so  that's something to consider when determining who authored 
the  image. 
When the Morgan Painted Prayers exhibit came though here they  had a book 
called Painted prayers on the exhibition, it is worth  finding.  It was a really 
nice they gave you magnifying lenses to look  at the manuscripts and there 
were several rooms full of them and they had some  nice Spanish manuscripts which 
used blue, gold, and black as the  color schemes.  Really bold looking!
I have access to one of the best collections of manuscripts in  the country 
and I can handle the books. They have a Tyndale new  Testament and the first 
torah scroll made in China. They also have papyrus  which is between glass 
plates and I believe they have the oldest bit of romans  in the world.  Its a 
numbered papyrus. 

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