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[BKARTS] Show, don't tell

Well I saw the Morgan library painted prayers exhibit when it  came through I 
assumed you could go over there and take a look. Is the  library closed or 
can you still go in on appointment? I left the city  many years ago, too bad its 
not open anymore, you could see what I am talking  about.  Maybe check out 
the cloisters or did they close it  too?
Nice tirade, perhaps you should separate your dislike for what  
"Christianity" and George Bush and accept the fact that people can be  motivated by their 
faith to make art.   You  know, I am not  George Bush, I didn't bring him up, 
you did.  And if you don't like  calligraphy too bad, it's still art whether 
you like it or not. Good  to know for the members of this listserve to know that 
Calligraphy is not on the  agenda. 
Of course you haven't even see this work and yet your  prejudice is noted.
 I am not oppressing you, you  seem to be oppressing yourself.  What is wrong 
with people being  motivated by faith to make art?  I also live as a 
Christian sorry if  you are jumping to conclusions there, but I help out people when I 
can, I helped  out when we had the Red cross distribution site at my church 
in our gym, giving  out food and furniture to evacuees as they restarted their 
lives and  my church managed to collect 375 tons of food to New Orleans which 
is a lot  for people to drop off at the church!  I believe in making the world 
a  better place and I do it.  Several years ago I found a rootstock for the  
American dogwood tree which was being wiped out in the Mid-Atlantic region by 
a  disease called Anthracnose.  The Forest service forgot that there was a  
resistant native variety called roughleaf dogwood which grows all over my yard  
and its roots are like bamboo.  I also was involved in saving an abandoned  
airfield that was  in danger of flooding in the pacific that is  the home of 21 
endangered species.   Does everyone who asks you what  do you define as "art" 
have to give their biography to you?  If you  want to make the world a better 
place you just roll up your sleeves and do it,  waiting for some "oppression" 
to stop doesn't fix anything.
You know you just have to sit back and realize that one person  who says he 
is a Christian is not responsible for the actions of people who have  been 
oppressive in the past. Just as you are not responsible for all of the  nasty 
characters in New York who harm people.   And if you look  at your ancestors you 
might just find that they come from many different  backgrounds and history.  
If you fight the wars of your ancestors you will  be fighting yourself! Just 
sit back and enjoy life and don't get so worked  up, its got to be bad for your 
blood pressure!  
I ask you when "art" started because you seem so definite  about it.  But if 
art started in the Renaissance, maybe that has a lot more  to do with art 
critics being able to write down what they thought in print, like  Georgio Vasari.
Phidias, Polyclitus and Praxiteles, Greek sculptors considered  artists in 
their own time.  Their reputations were known to the romans and  their statues 
were copied by the romans, why would the romans do that if it  was not because 
they were recognized as artists.  Lysippos was hired by  Alexander the Great 
to make his portrait. And Scopas had an international  reputation and he got 
commissions all over the place because of it. Chances  are a few of their 
statues are in New York, go tell the Metropolitan Museum that  they were not 
artists.  That's still open too, right?

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