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Re: [BKARTS] alphabets

If I offended anyone on the "alphabets" line I was referring  to the posting 
by Scott Teplin which can be found under "beds versus alphabets"  and "Re 
telling of the Book arts world"  January 1 2006 and December 31st  2005, the start 
of this round of the thread where he was trying to classify  art books and 
took a shot at alphabets, implying that "Alphabets" were not  something was not 
up to speed on art.  I should not have continued with  that term "Alphabets"  
in that manner and if I offended anyone I am  sorry. 
James G. Pepper
From:    Scott Teplin  <teplin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Telling of the Book Arts  World
> It's tricky - because books often need to be more rigidly  categorized
> with the need for cross referencing - unlike paintings or  sculpture. I
> tend to see artist books less like literary books - and  more like works
> of art. My point was, that when artist books are  classified into themes
> - the most mediocre subjects always prevail. I  mean - 'alphabets'?!
> What grade are we in here? It makes me wonder what  audience these books
> are intended for. My guess is that they are for the  same circle jerk
> crowd artist books always tend to swirl around in. I'm  just saddened
> that most of the time, when I see a book arts show - its  with artists
> books that are so painfully lacking in ideas. Innovative  content is as
> important in art as form is, and most artist books usually  ignore one
> for the other. It is for this reason that artist books will  never be
> taken as seriously as other forms of fine art by the  established art
> world.
> -Scott
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Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 12:51  PM
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Subject: Re: [BKARTS] Telling of the  Book Arts World
(I'm re-replying so this  has the proper subject)
Dear  Judy,
I'm sorry that you took my criticism  of the state of artist books=20
personally. It wasn't aimed at  your site or your collection (and=20
certainly not you). Just  seeing the THEMES listed on=20
artistsbooks.slq.qld.gov.au  really hit home for me - and got me  to=20
express my frustrations for artist books in general -  ie:  "sadly=20
telling of the book arts world." I think  it's very nice that you =
have a=20
collection, a site and  are interested in education. My "somewhat=20
negative comments"  (what ever happened to ART CRITICISM? - see =
were  reflective of the state of what is produced by most of the book =

artists that I have seen the last 12 years that I have been taking  =
medium seriously (I was involved in Booklyn  (booklyn.org) from their =

beginning to address the  concerns I have stated). Maybe I was just=20
raised in a world  of MTV quick-cut editing and bright and shiny =
but in art - I want something NEW. Something exciting, something =
that  I=20
haven't seen before and will make me think about things  differently. =

Michael Andrews' point is well taken (by  me), "A clever binding=20
utilizing a passport that refers to  immigration issues is not a=20
substitute for dealing with the  issue."
I think it would be useful for book  artists and other members  of =
list to read  the critic Jerry Saltz's excellent column on art =
(from this month - bold emphasis is mine)  :

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