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[BKARTS] Sugar & Vinegar Paste Papers

I found a recipe for sugar & vinegar paste papers and have made some sample
sheets. They have a lovely sparkly look which I like and the colors are
bright and clear, but I can't figure out what to make with them. Pasting
them with PVA makes the sugar runny. They can't be laminated with heat for
the sugar melts. I used glue stick to mount them as covers on book board,
but an errant splash of water softens the sugar. So I coated the
sugar+vinegar paper with a light coat of wax to protect it, but then it lost
its sparkle. Spraying with fixative didn't work to protect it from running
if wet.

The only use I can think of for them is wrapping paper.

Any thoughts?

Marilyn Zornado

Marilyn Zornado
1801 NW Upshur
Suite 600
Portland, OR
W: 503-226-2172
C: 503-807-4825

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