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Re: [BKARTS] Telling of the Book Arts World

I really wasn't going to get into a "but is it art?" discussion, much less a
political one.  But a brief historical note...

> Maybe. But as I look at the evidence of written history I 
> find that almost every conflict was  generated by or 
> justified by religion. The most ghastly atrocities have been 
> visited upon mankind in the name of religion.

Not necessarily.  Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao each killed millions without
invoking religion.  Substitute the word "ideology" and you can cover them,
but at that point we're straying from religion per se.  And many of the
conflicts that look overtly religious turn out to be, under the surface,
merely tribal, and would have happened even if the two tribes shared a

> Are not prayers 
> said on both sides in Iraq or in any other arena in which 
> there is conflict?

Yes, but that doesn't mean that the conflicts are over religion.  It just
means that people of faith are fighting (rightly or wrongly).  Prayers are
said over meals, births and deaths as well, without them being about trying
to get at people of other faiths.

> I don't think a paint brush or a book 
> press or a broad nib pen would erase conflict. Maybe. But I 
> personally don't believe it would.

Perhaps, although one charge leveled at "the enemy" is often that they are
insensate and uncultured to the point of being subhuman (this is where we
get the idea that the Philistines were philistines).  Then it is practically
the duty of the judging culture to conquer them and bring
civilisation/art/democracy to the savages.  Having a viable and beautiful
artistic tradition is one way of refuting that sort of lie.

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