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[BKARTS] Gelatin plate monotypes

This is to the person who asked about substituting agar for gelatin in
making gelatin plate monotypes. (Sorry, I deleted the email before getting
the name.) Anyway, I make gelatin plate monotypes frequently and I do use
gelatin. I've never used agar and I'd never heard of it, but from looking
around a little bit it sort of seems that agar might not have as strong a
consistency as gelatin. You should look in the book about gelatin plate
monotypes, called "Making Monotypes Using a Gelatin Plate" by Nancy
Marculewicz. She may talk about this issue. Gelatin is relatively cheap
compared to agar ($5.00 a pound versus $25.00 per pound?!?) I guess
because it is used in soooo many products. It's hard to avoid. I wish I
could recommend something for you. Good luck!


Ellen Knudson
University of Alabama
School of Information and Library Studies
Book Arts Program

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