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[BKARTS] The Pepper Challenge

I think it is wonderful that you are doing the Bible Mr. Pepper and if you and others think it art or find it important to call it art well then more power to you; its not a word that I concern myself with. Who was it that said, as for all truly important things, there is no final answer?
As to the St. John's well yes at a certain level it is in part a commercial project, or at least is hoped to be minimally self supporting through donations, sales of prints, etc. Thus much of the rather silly puffery. As to the claims of being the first in 500 years well half the time they are careful to include the qualifier "commissioned" (though the story of how the commission came about is a bad joke) and I think that lets them squeak by.
Despite this and the use of computers to lay out the master plan I think most unprejudiced viewers see it as being quite lovely and technically superb. Most would probably call at least the illuminations art.
As to your work I'm sorry but however heartfelt the making it is pretty awful by almost any standard. The lettering and drawing are neither skilled enough nor naive enough to be interesting; they are simply incompetent. Your color sense, at least on my color corrected monitor, is boring at best. If I did not know better I would think you were making a joke, some postmodern deconstructionist comment on something or other.
Again I am happy that you are engaged on a project which interests you; I always say that just doing the work is 99 % of the process and as to the rest who really cares?
But it is far past time for you to stop attacking others' work when your own is so very bad.
Claim all the SPIRIT you want for yourself but that somehow doesn't come across in either your work or your comments. As for me I'm just cranky waiting for my new muller to arrive.
Best to you, James

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