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[BKARTS] Tellinger and tellinger

> Cut it out. This has gotten petty. Snotty is the word that comes to 
mind. Grow up.

And what kind of Christian Love is yours? I asked Dr. Pepper a serious 
question, one that gets to the bottom of the original issue. Dr. P. has 
proclaimed that a) his acts of faith are mirrored in his artistic work 
and b) this spiritual procedure is similar to that of the Christian 
scribes of the Middle Ages. If he wants to justify b) he's going to 
have to justify a): not just tell me what his Faith doesn't do, but 
what it does - how it's mirrored. Then we can discuss whether it's in 
any way comparable to those practices encouraged and described as acts 
of Faith by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

Or, as William James put it in Varieties of Religious Experience, the 
difference between Saint Francis of Assisi and your average Sunday-
morning leper-kisser has to be more than a question of degree.

Lotsa luck.

Paul T Werner, New York

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