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I'm glad to see everybody getting down on what's what. Signa, Steve, James, Paul and Michael have all contributed some heartfelt commentary, and Carol's opinion is valid as well.

I do agree with Steve's comment about Al, but given the many issues involved, I should point out that is not the part of the speech I would focus on. To set my position clear, I have no party affiliation and do not vote in primaries. In the general election I vote for individual candidates based on their positions on issues that I prioritize. Last time around I voted for candidates from four different parties. Often I find it nauseating to vote for any of them. Please keep in mind that my binding on the Trilateral Commission's book The Crisis of Democracy (a 1980 binding on a 1975 book, http://minsky.com/crisis.htm ) remains the significant work in the field on this subject. Only members of this not for profit organization have been oval office candidates for the last 25 years. The agenda promoted in this text is still what dictates policy. The USA PATRIOT Act, which opponents blame GW Bush for, was presented to congress by his predecessor, Bill Clinton, but it failed to pass. It took the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden to get it passed. And don't forget that GHW Bush ran the CIA before he became President. And he coordinated the Iran hostage release timed with the Reagan inauguration. Does anyone think any of this is coincidence?

The thing about Al Gore's speech that is relevant is its focus on the Bill of Rights, and about the concentration of power in the executive branch. The issue here is that there is a breakdown in the checks and balances system that was set up to run this country. If you want to bring up family history, rather than deal with the issues, that's up to you. But I would start that with George Walker, Hitler's American banker.


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