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Re: [BKARTS] Telling of the Book Arts World

You can view pages from both of these bibles
You can judge for yourself.
Both have merit.

I suppose so, if only from the standpoint that nobody is totally useless. He/she can always serve as a bad example. And yes, I realize that isn't kind. In my opinion, James Pepper is serving as a bad example, and I appear not to be the only one who has grown tired of his self aggrandizement . His references to history are questionable in their accuracy, and his calligraphy and illumination are appallingly bad. It has generally been the case, in all times, places, and systems of belief, that the best was taken to the god's house. I don't think Mr. Pepper's work qualifies in any sense.

In looking at the table where his tools are placed, it appears that the colors he is using are markers. No serious scribe or artist would use such things for permanent work. If there is any gold leaf in his work it isn't apparent. His letter forms bear little or no resemblance to generally accepted proportions or forms. The rendering of the elements in his designs is childish, as is the quality of the color work. The quality of the work would be acceptable for a young child, but for an adult who claims to be scribe and illuminator, with all that implies, gross incompetence is the only phrase that is applicable in my opinion.

As I have said, I have been a calligrapher for a very long time, and I care deeply about this field. I have spent a good part of my life studying its history and practicing its letter forms. It is one thing to look at the work of a beginner in the field and recognize the mistakes therein, for all of us were beginners at one time. Those who are just learning should not to be subjected to harsh criticism, for that is destructive. They should to be encouraged and nurtured in order for them develop confidence along with their skills and to grow in their craft. It is altogether another thing to give, through silence, tacit agreement to the claims of one whose work is that of a rank amateur boasting that, because of his adherence to a particular set of beliefs, his work is the equal of some of the finest scribes working today. That is, in my opinion, to be complcit in a lie. I simply couldn't remain silent any longer.

Sally Jackson

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