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Re: [BKARTS] Politics, Religion and Is it art?

I thoroughly agree, Margie. This thread has gone on long enough. Take it to the private sector.


> I was going to jump into this earlier with a request that we remember the
> subject of the list but I realized that the posts to that point had been
> useful, at least to me, by mentioning a number of reference works that I
> found of interest.  However, I find it difficult to sift any constructive or
> educational tidbits out of the rants, attacks, and arguments that are now
> our daily fodder.
> I am a subscriber to a range of list servs and must say that this is by far
> the most argumentative, nit-picky, and downright nasty list I have ever been
> involved with.  When I consider not just the most recent posts, but others
> of the same sort in the past, and ask myself why this list has such a
> tendency to generate personal attacks and long diatribes, my best guess is
> that this list has a larger proportion of highly educated intellectuals than
> my other lists.
> As a person who was raised with encouragement to engage in verbal sparring
> at the dinner table, I must admit that in my younger days I found most
> people rather stupid and boring.  As a result, I tended to treat people in a
> manner that is quite similar to these diatribes on the list - with utter
> confidence in my essential "rightness" and equally great disrespect for and
> impatience with any opposing opinions.
> I am older now.  I have lived long enough to be embarrassed by a great many
> of my previous "obviously correct" conclusions and to realize that
> perspective is indeed as important as the story of the blind men and the
> elephant asserts.   Have you never had an experience which made you aware of
> how narrow minded and simply inexperienced (clueless!) you were when you
> developed some strong opinion?  When it comes to such things as politics,
> religion and art, the "right" answer to questions often vary from person to
> person and recognition of that fact permits us to hold to our own
> conclusions while respecting the opinions of others.  It is possible to
> discuss or debate the issues without disrespecting other people, being
> sarcastic, and throwing out personal attacks.  All that it takes is the
> recognition that we might - just might - be wrong about the issue at hand,
> or at least wrong about it with regard to another person.  It is even
> possible that we are wrong about some "historical fact" since all historical
> records, no matter how scholarly, have major vulnerabilities with regard to
> inaccurate information.
> So, can we please return to subject matter that is constructive and useful?
> And can we do so with respect for all and the ability to disagree with grace
> and good humor?
> Margie Fenney
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