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Re: [BKARTS] Politics, Religion and Is it art?

I have no objection to anything that is constructive, including discussion
of politics and religion.  I also have no problem with true art criticism
such as Sally posted in which she analyzed the work in question as opposed
to simply declaring it ?bad?.  I simply don?t believe it is necessary or
helpful when posts are extremely condescending, barely stopping short of
calling someone else stupid for their beliefs or opinions, or for their lack
of education, or tossing out ?clever? sarcasm that clearly has no other
purpose than to express disrespect of someone else.

When I was told (in a workplace setting) that my arrogant style of
discussion was a problem, the words that my employer used were ?you run over
people like a bulldozer?.  That was many years ago and I have learned how to
discuss and even argue without attacking others personally or verbally
beating them up.  If someone is uneducated about a particular topic, it is
possible to educate them without implying that they are stupid.  It is
possible to respect the faith of others, especially if it is clearly
genuine, or their political views within the context of discussion and
debate.  Minsky, I believe your posts are clear examples of this approach.

I do understand the pleasure of going all out in debate and when done with
someone else who also enjoys it and takes the ?low blows? with the same
enjoyment as giving them, it can be stimulating without being hurtful.
However, I believe that doing so without restraint with someone who is less
educated, less intelligent or less skilled in debate is simply being a


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