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Re: [BKARTS] Religion, politics and good manners

> Well, Margie, how do you feel about those who go after those who are
> more educated, more intelligent or more skilled? Isn't that bullying,
> too?

A bully is a person who uses their strength in an area to hurt other people,
so the weaker person cannot, by definition, be a bully.  However, they can
certainly be rude, abusive, defensive or mean, although that isn?t the
behavior I was addressing.  (From Merriam-Webster online:  bul·ly noun  a :
a blustering browbeating person; especially : one habitually cruel to others
who are weaker)

> As to "restraint:" isn't it easier to tell lack of restraint in those
> who have very few skills, or education or intelligence, than in those
> who do, and who may therefore have considerably more hidden resources
> at their disposal?

Within the context of my use of the word ?restraint?, the lack of it is easy
to identify regardless of skills, education or intelligence.  It is a tone
of arrogance and a demonstration of a need to make comments that devalue the
other person as opposed to simply addressing the issue at hand, and in doing
so, attempt to call attention to their superiority.  Again, Richard Minsky?s
posts are an excellent example of what I mean by this ?restraint.?  Is it
possible for the weaker individual to also indulge in personal attacks?  Of
course.  However, the weaker individual, again by definition, can not
?restrain? themselves from a behavior that they are incapable of

> Or is it that you're really criticizing those who have skills, education
> intelligence BECAUSE they have skills, education and intelligence?

Of course not.  I am simply saying that it is not necessary for someone who
is superior in an area, whether it is skills, education, intelligence or
wealth, physical abilities, appearance, etc., to lord it over someone who
does not have equivalent abilities in the same area, especially in a public
forum.  I am not saying that a person should restrain the application of
their skills, education or intelligence.  To the contrary, I am suggesting
that they use their intelligence to express themselves in a way that does
not denigrate other people.  I am suggesting that they use their
intelligence to realize that there are many other components of worth in a
human being other than intelligence, education or skill in a particular
area, and that to value all people based only on your own areas of strength
is an immature and self-deluding practice.  Again, I am not suggesting that
anyone restrain their intelligence, education or skill.  I am suggesting
that they restrain themselves from making remarks that devalue another
person on the basis of a lack of equal abilities.

> Such things are not exactly unheard of in those parts where I don't come
from and never want to go.

My understanding of this statement is unclear.  Could you please clarify?

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