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[BKARTS] Good Manners

> >Such things are not exactly unheard of in those parts where I don't 
> >from and never want to go.

> My understanding of this statement is unclear.  Could you please 

There are certain cultures (Italy, Ashkenazi Jew, New York) that have 
developed a deep resentment of "specialist-baiting," e.g. foreigners or 
out-of-towners trying to prove that the Italian/Jew/New Yorker is no 
more knowledgeable than they are. If you've ever tried to talk book-
arts to an old-time Italian binder you know what I mean. Perhaps you 
don't realize how offensive it is for a PhD in Art History who teaches 
regularly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be told that he should 
go to the Met and check out the works. Especially with the full 
knowledge that once the PhD points out the actual difference in skills 
his respondent will accuse him of arrogance, etc.

Considering this, I think the responses on this list have been 
magnificent in their restraint.

Paul T Werner, New York

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